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Our CityBlocs project is an on-going effort to bring rigorous, unbiased analysis to the world of municipal politics in Canada.

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Making sense of data. At the heart of Centrality’s business.

Data can seem overwhelming. Today's companies, governments, and public institutions gather information about a staggering number of topics at a dizzying rate. Often the situations being studied are so complex that it can be challenging to properly frame the important questions. Even if the questions have been well formulated, the data often have so many variables that one cannot imagine how to answer them. Worse still, sometimes valuable information is locked away in unstructured and inconvenient forms such as text, images, videos or sounds.

Our diverse team can lead you from confusion to conclusions by drawing on our experience studying and analysing data within the social and natural sciences.

Making sense of data

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Combining elements that matter. Determining those that don't.

With the ever-increasing volume of data that one can access, it is challenging to distinguish what’s relevant from what isn’t. Finding a weak signal lurking within a sea of noise, from data spread over a wide variety of sources, can be daunting. Merging disparate repositories of information into a single normalised database containing all the information you need, and none that you don't, is critical to the success of any data analysis project.

Let us help you to identify and account for confounding variables, determine statistical significance, and distill the essence of the available data to allow you to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

Intelligent use of technology. The full potential of Data Science.

Data science without context is blind. Data science without science is weak. We hear a lot about the power of “big data” and its potential. Much of such coverage focuses on advances in technology. Greater and greater volumes of data are created every year, and to analyse this you need the computational power to mine it. But without people who can summarise your data sets, frame them in appropriate contexts, and extract the stories that they tell, they can do little besides take up disk space.

At Centrality, we value both the context and the computation equally. Let us take your questions, find your data, extract its value, and help you to tell the story locked inside.

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